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Wingfoil Lessons

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This is the year of the Wing!

Wing Foiling is definitely the new kid on the watersports block. A mixture of Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Handgliding, but easier to learn than all three. It’s so new it doesn’t even have a proper name yet; Winging, Wing foil, Foil-wing, Wing surf, Foil wing, Hand Wing, Wing ding, who cares, we think it is just awesome! The closest feeling to flying, aside from jumping out of an airplane.

This is what the watersport world has been waiting for. A compact wind sport with a short learning curve that has the adrenaline buzz you have been waiting for.

Using the latest equipment from Duotone and Fanatic along with qualified expert tuition, we can help you with your first steps on the Wing Foil journey. At Cave Active Adventures, we use a two-stage process to ensure the fastest progression possible.

Wing SUP

We will start with the basics in one of our WingSUP lessons. You will learn about the wing, how it works with the wind, how to handle it safely, and how to self-rescue, before jumping on a modified SUP and hitting the water. You will put the land-based theory into action and learn how to use the wing to get you moving; you will learn how to stay upwind, how to turn around, and how to get back to where you started.

3 hr 1:1 Wing SUP lesson – £160
3 hr Group Wing SUP lesson – £80 p/p (Group min2-2-1/max4-2-1)


You’ve now got the wing dialed and are ready to move on to one of our WingFOIL lessons. This will bring together everything you have just learned in the Wing SUP and introduce the foil to the mix. In this session, we will teach you to use the wing to power the board out of the water and get your first flights on the foil.   

3hr 1:1 Wing FOIL – £160

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