Isle of Wight SUP Circumnavigation

Paddling around the Isle of Wight has been on my ‘to do’ list for a number of years now. As a family we have holidayed there many times and living on the south coast there’s no escaping the Isle of Wight, sitting tantalisingly close, just 4 miles across the Solent. Paddling across from the mainlandContinue reading “Isle of Wight SUP Circumnavigation”

The Adventure Begins

Well what an amazing start to the trip. I’m sitting on the train to Gatwick and my phone pings at me. It the Easy Jet app telling me my flight has been delayed. This was going to be a late flight anyway, but now I won’t leave the UK until almost 11pm and won’t arriveContinue reading “The Adventure Begins”

Weather incoming!

Just got home from an epic few days in North Wales with my two boys. We decided to make the most of the last week of Easter holidays. We were wild camping in the van and hitting the mountain bike trails, walking and visiting some of the attractions. More on that in a future blog.Continue reading “Weather incoming!”

My Very Own Adventure

I’ve fancied attempting a multi day SUP challenge for a while now, I’ve seen others set off on their own adventures and longed to be going along too.  Well, now I’ve decided that it’s my time and I’m off on my own adventure. I’ve looked at London to Paris, but the paperwork involved was aContinue reading “My Very Own Adventure”

Sleeping in a Bag

It’s around 02:00 on Sunday morning and I’m lying in a bag at the bottom of a soggy field. I’m cold and I feel like I’ve been awake for hours. It’s really not all that bad though, I’m gazing up at the clearest starry sky and I feel alive and free. How did I getContinue reading “Sleeping in a Bag”

UK SUP Clubs Great Glen Challenge

Well that was a pretty EPIC Weekend! FULL ON!!! A few weeks a go I found out that a race I never even knew was on was being cancelled and rearranged by Joanne and Pete Vale (UK SUP Clubs) and Tony Bain (Green Dragon Activities).  I’d been looking for a new challenge for some timeContinue reading “UK SUP Clubs Great Glen Challenge”

SUP: Adam D Short, Paddleboard the Nile – cops, cars and robbers update #2 — SUP Mag UK

We recently caught up with Paddleboard the Nile adventurer Adam D Short to get an update on his adventures. Trust us when we say it’s been ‘colourful’ so far! Adam D Short is, in his own words, a new breed of extreme adventurer and endurance explorer. With several action filled challenges already under his belt, […]Continue reading “SUP: Adam D Short, Paddleboard the Nile – cops, cars and robbers update #2 — SUP Mag UK”

From Scotland to Syria

A couple of weeks ago I committed to complete the Great Glen Challenge. This is a non-stop 97km paddle along the Caledonian Canal, from Fort William to Inverness. I have decided to do this on my Stand-Up-Paddle Board. Last week I saw a video on social media detailing the events in Aleppo and focusing onContinue reading “From Scotland to Syria”

SUP Armada 2016

They say that your perception of time is directly linked to the number of memories you are making. A day that creates lots of new memories flashes by at the time, but when re-run as a memory seems to have lasted for ever!  This means that the key to living a long fulfilling life is theContinue reading “SUP Armada 2016”

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