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Phil Plume


Phil here; head honcho at Cave Active Adventures.

I have always loved spending time outdoors.

Growing up on a farm, I didn’t have much choice. I was outside playing in the muck before I could even walk.

As I grew older, I threw myself into Scouting. It was there that my love of the outdoors turned into a love of outdoor pursuits. Every Scout group has a thing, and ours was kayaking.

I just loved being on the water and was instantly hooked when I discovered windsurfing in 2001. It was the speed, adrenaline and harnessing the power of nature that fueled my love for the sport.

Back in 2011, I discovered Stand Up Paddle-boarding and threw myself into it. I am now a passionate Stand-up Paddleboard racer, surfer and adventurer.

I have paddled around the Isle of Wight in 16 hours and Mallorca in 7 days. I contested the First UK SUP race series, winning multiple podium positions. Then took a 2nd place title in the UK SUP endurance series. I have even written a chapter for an adventure book and featured on several podcasts.

I’ve been paddling SUP for a decade and still have the fire in my belly.

Now it’s time to give back and share the stoke. I want to share my passion for the water with as many of you as possible.

So come join my adventure and Escape Your Cave with me.

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