Let Me Tell You a Story

I used to work with this guy, a friend of mine. One Friday I was giving him a lift home and asked him what his plans were for the weekend. He told me that he was going to spend the weekend in his ‘Cave’. I asked him what he meant by this? “Well I have a room in my house with my X box and PlayStation in there. I close the curtains and play on them all day”.

This guy had small kids so I asked him what they would be doing. “oh, they have their own games consoles downstairs and they’ll be playing on those”, he said. This particular weekend was glorious; the sun was shining and it was going to be hot!

I am passionate about the outdoors and believe that modern man spends too much time indoors, whether that’s using the computer at work or hammering the X box at home.

The world is a fantastic place, with amazing things to see and do. Our aim is to inspire others to take on their own active adventures, whether that’s a walk on the beach, taking to the waves, climbing a mountain, or charging the trails.

So I say, get out there, go explore, try new things…

‘Escape Your Cave’.


Sunset on the Penultimate day of a SUP trip around Mallorca.

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