The Adventure Begins

Well what an amazing start to the trip. I’m sitting on the train to Gatwick and my phone pings at me. It the Easy Jet app telling me my flight has been delayed. This was going to be a late flight anyway, but now I won’t leave the UK until almost 11pm and won’t arrive in Palma until 02:17! I Think I’d better get as much sleep as I can on that plane.

So Just a brief blog post to tell you all how I’m feeling now that I’m on my way.

You know that feeling when it’s your first day at a new school, or a new job? or the feeling you have when you have to talk in front of a large group, or maybe in the car on your way to Uni? Well that’s the same feeling I have now. A real mixture of excitement, anticipation and nervousness. I get the same feeling before every SUP race I do, especially the endurance events and especially the Great Glen race. The Great Glen is 92km long often in strong winds and big waves, and a significant proportion of it in the dark. There’s a significant amount of prep required and a mad scramble in the early hours with everyone getting their stuff together, having breakfast and checking all their kit three times. The thoughts running through your head are numerous, will it be windy? What direction? Have I got enough food and hydration? What’s that twinge in my shoulder that’s appeared from nowhere? Who do I have to beat? Who can beat me? Have I got the right clothing? Where’s my leash? Those who have witnessed me in these moments will know that my stress levels rise and I just can’t settle. That’s exactly how I feel now. However all that prep pays off and you rarely forget anything and are usually more prepared than you think you are. As soon as that race starts though the nerves and anticipation are gone and I just go for it.

Well tomorrow the adventure starts. Do I feel ready? No. Will I smash it? Hell yeah!!


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I am a passionate free-ride Windsurfer and Stand Up Paddleboard racer and surfer. I’m pleased to say that I am supported by Fanatic SUP, K66, ION and LAR Water sports.

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