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Weather incoming!

Just got home from an epic few days in North Wales with my two boys. We decided to make the most of the last week of Easter holidays. We were wild camping in the van and hitting the mountain bike trails, walking and visiting some of the attractions. More on that in a future blog.

“don’t come, have you seen the wind forecast!?”

While laying in bed one night parked in a layby just outside Llandegla Forest, and with the sweet sound of one of the boys snoring in my ear, my phone pings. It’s a message from Ruben at elnino surf centre saying “don’t come, have you seen the wind forecast!?” oops!, too late, flights are booked and I’m almost ready. I jumped on my phone and checked out the Wind Guru forecast. What I saw was some awesome weather for windsurfing, but not so great for paddling 350km on an inflatable board. Trying to complete this challenge in seven days is hard enough without loosing one, two, or more days to the wind as well.

I can’t pull out now, Im still going and I’m still going to attempt to circumnavigate the island. I may just need to apply some imaginative thinking to the challenge.

The wind was always going to be the one element I have no control over. If I had unlimited free time or the ability to take holidays from work whenever I wished it wouldn’t be a problem. I’d just pick a weather window and last minute flight and go for it. However I’m an ordinary guy with work and family commitments, so that’s just not an option. I would take anything else, rain, cold, heat, snow or hail, but wind is a real problem.

So now the packing starts. I’ve got almost everything I need. I just need to get a few extras and start to pull it all together. Come back tomorrow for an update on what’s happening.

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