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From Scotland to Syria

socialmediacoverimage_851x315_isup97_1475615569681A couple of weeks ago I committed to complete the Great Glen Challenge. This is a non-stop 97km paddle along the Caledonian Canal, from Fort William to Inverness. I have decided to do this on my Stand-Up-Paddle Board.

Last week I saw a video on social media detailing the events in Aleppo and focusing on the kids caught up in this horrific conflict. It made me feel like I should be doing something to help, but I really didn’t know what I could do, or how I could help.

I have decided to use my paddle to raise awareness of the situation and raise some money in the process, so that the aid is there when the guns stop and the aid workers can get in.

I can’t change the attitudes and views of either side in this conflict, and I don’t really have much to give myself. What I do have however is my health, my freedom, my sense of what is morally right, and some pretty awesome friends.

I want to make a bit of a competition out of this, and wanted the prize to be something active that the whole family can do together. Some of my friends in the SUP industry have agreed to give up their time to deliver either a SUP lesson, or experience to the winner and their family. These guys are spread around the country, so we should be able to put you in contact with a SUP instructor near you.

All you have to do is have a guess on how long you think the challenge will take me to complete, and leave your time as a comment below my ‘Great Glen’ life event on my facebook page.

The winner will be the one closest to my actual time (hours and mins). Entries left after 6am on the 15th October will not be counted. After the event I will contact the person with the closest time. I will require the winner to provide proof of their donation, so please keep your confirmation emails and text. Minimum donation is £2, but please feel free to donate more if you wish. You can also donate by text by texting ISUP97 and the amount ie £2 TO 70070.

Click on the Just giving icon below to donate.

I have chosen to support the Save the Children Syria emergency fund as I believe that this is the best way of getting the money raised to those innocents who need our help.

Thank you!

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